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Maldives Photo Odyssey at The Best Hotel in the World!

MAROONED, ON AN ISLAND. WITH JUST YOUR CAMERA….AND YOUR BUTLER So what do you do when you come to the world’s best hotel, in one of the most stunning place on the planet? Photograph it, of course! We have combined a relaxing holiday with an opportunity to learn photography from two of the best, David […]

Reindeer Sledding in the Arctic Circle!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pulled on a sled by a reindeer in the arctic circle? It is a very peaceful and beautiful way to travel. Shot with a Go-pro. Check it out! With thanks to Nutti Sámi Siida, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Swedish Lapland & Aurora Borealis Photography Tours

Swedish Lapland & Aurora Borealis Photography Tour announced for 2016!

Join David in early 2016 for this unforgettable photography tour in the arctic circle. Places are limited! Book here. The Northern part of Scandinavia is an extraordinary place of beauty, intrigue and extremes. Inside the arctic circle, Lapland is an expansive region of snow, reindeer, the Sámi people and the infamous Aurora Borealis, or Northern […]

Barossa Valley

NEW RELEASE  |  A classic Barossa Valley scene on the eastern side of the valley at sunset, looking over the vineyards of Bethany to the hills beyond. This is a scene that will never be repeated…well, without a cherry picker or perhaps a drone. Since creating this photograph, with permission, from the elevated side of […]

Nugget Point – Otago NZ

LIMITED EDITION RE-RELEASE   |   A breathless, clear evening looking down on Nugget Point, with the unusually still Southern Ocean stretching south towards Antarctica. Otago, South Island, New Zealand. After unsuccessfully trying to scale the cliff to get a higher view than from the main pathway to the lighthouse, I thought better of it […]

Peter’s Pool – Westland NZ

NEW RELEASE   |   This small, perfectly still kettle lake reflects the wide glacial valley at Franz Josef Glacier, in Westland NZ, on the South Island. On a crisp, cold morning, I woke early to walk up through the valley and see if there were any interesting atmospheric conditions over the Franz Josef Glacier. I […]

Breakwater – Jumeirah Vittaveli

NEW RELEASE   |   A lone palm sways gently in the warm ocean breeze on a breakwater off the island of Bolifushi, South Male Atoll. I can’t say there were too many hardships during my stay at Jumeirah. When our gracious hosts greeted us with a bottle of Moet & Chandon and a complimentary […]

Maligne Canyon

NEW RELEASE  |  The iridescent blue of a frozen waterfall, suspended in the haunting Maligne Canyon in the cold depth of winter in Jasper National Park. During the warmer months, the canyon comes alive with water of the liquid variety, flowing down into the Athabasca River and helping to sustain the huge amount of wildlife that […]